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Workers at Gas Plant

Running an industrial gas filling plant is a complex job, with customer demand and stock level fluctuating all the time throughout any workday. On-demand delivery requires smart and just-in-time production decisions. Currently, the production schedules need to be calculated by a team of people triaging information from sales, production, delivery and plant manager at end-of-day for next day operation. Which is slow, time-consuming, and not just-in-time.  This leads to either missed revenue opportunity or under-utilized production capacity.

An Air Liquide lean manufacturing initiative needs a solution that delivers;


● Production capacity transparency

● Cylinder stock transparency

● Smart just-in-time production scheduling that takes account of incoming order, available production capacity and available stock

Lean 1.png
Thingple Lean Production Solution

In order to fulfill these customer requirements, Thingple designed a stock management and lean production system based on UHF RFID technology. With this solution, Air Liquide could easily manage their stock by following methods:


With UHF RFID tracking technology, Air Liquide could easily trace their assets. These stock information is collected automatically by carefully placed readers and antennas.


Base on this accurate data input, Air Liquide could respond to purchase orders much faster than before.

Benefits Delivered

Thingple's lean production solution helped our customer to achieve:

  • Real time inventory of empty and full cylinders

  • Smart manufacturing planning that is optimized for serving best customers the fastest

  • Saving several manhours a day for manual production planning

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