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Chemical Tank Management

In large water treatment operations, physically inspecting the liquid levels of various holding tanks can be both time-consuming and expensive. By using Thingple Chemical Tank Management Solution, it is possible to get remote updates on the contents of a bulk tank, regardless of its geographical location. This, in turn, increases safety and efficiency and cuts costs by eliminating the need for people to check on the tanks manually as a part of a daily routine,which often takes them climbing the tanks.

The core of Thingple Chemical Tank Management is the Thingple Smart Gateway that enables the LoRaWAN network within a 1km radius with a single gateway deployed. As it can cover up to 2000+ sensors while allowing edge computing and sensor data regressive analysis, management can enjoy the optimal cost-effective result from our solution.

Thingple Chemical Tank Management solves a chemical company's most concerning tank management challenges:

  • Eliminates mistakes that occur from manual measurement

  • Thingple Smart Gateway works as a one-stop data collection point, where it gathers and delivers the real-time data to the company's control center, and as a result, it eliminates an information gap between two points

  • The data shows exactly how much material has been added or withdrawn, and when it occurred

  • Accurate tank level management enables the management to plan and implement the best decision at the best time, thus it minimizes unnecessary capital investment and/or loss

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