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Smart Warehouse Management System

Smart WMS is an innovative technology for the intelligent management of the warehouse and storage areas of your company, which will help the company to reduce costs, make internal processes more efficient, and have greater control over the flow of goods. By providing a fully-automated integrated system, it achieves the utmost accuracy in inventory management, while realizes a seamless data sharing between the operators at the site and the management team at the backend.

BASF Caojing Warehouse - Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park

Located in the Shanghai Chemical Industrial Park, BASF Caojing warehouse stores non-explosive chemicals including polymers, automotive coatings, and process catalysts, with approximately 7756 storage located on numbers of four-story racks installed inside the warehouse. Storing such a large number of chemicals, it imposes a great challenge for the company to keep track of its inventory precisely. 

While using the current WMS system for its warehouse, BASF has detected the following issues during operation:

  • All the Check-in and -out registrations of inventory are done by hand;

  • Prone to incur errors in inventory management; 

  • Unable to integrate the WMS with company internal system, which makes it harder to keep track of inventory

Such issues could lead the company into a number of problems: 1) unreliable data hinders the company to make a strategic decision; 2) low operational efficiency; 3) High management cost from excessive manpower and time required. 

The demand analysis has been conducted to find out what is needed to improve the efficiency of their operations:

  • Achieve the practical storage space use at an optimal level by utilizing the rail-guided vehicles on the racks

  • Solve the problem of first-in-first-out by storing the same type/batch number of stocks on each slot

  • The solution should be suitable to implement in the specific condition of BASF Caojing Warehouse while achieving the full-automation of the in- and out-logs of the stocks

  • Minimize errors incurring from human interaction throughout the operation process

Thingple Smart Warehouse Management Solution


Due to the RGVs attached to the racks in the warehouse, the usual RFID Tag and Reader solution was not available for this scenario, instead, we designed the solution where the tags installed on the pallets and created an initiation function in the system, which then will automatically recommend and place a pallet to a certain spot.

The solution includes:


  1. Forklift System that is equipped with a highly integrated all-in-one reader, with a minimal number of wires used in order to maximize the operational efficiency

  2. Handheld is used to operate all the work-process inside the warehouse, including pallet initialization, check-in/-out, update, etc. 

  3. Thingple's UHF-RFID Tags are attached to the pallets

  4. Kanban system provides visual stock information in real-time to operators and management

  5. Thingple I.O.Asset System works as a portal for management and operation reports, as well as the back-end system for all front-end application


Benefits Delivered

  • Locating Stocks: information about pallets and the products loaded is trackable using the Thingple Smart Warehouse Management System and it allows faster operation at a higher efficiency.

  • Maximize Practical Storage Space: enabled to store more inventory in the warehouse by using storage recommendation function. 

  • Seamless Communication and Real-Time Visualization: using 4G and the public internet, real-time data is sent to the company's Cloud Server, provide real-time visualization of current stock level, status, and location to the management. The data is used to support management's decision-making and timely communication with the operators when required.

  • Fully-Automated System: the entire process of the operation, from registration of pallets to check-in and the storage data transmission to the backend server, is all done automatically. It optimized efficiency, saved cost, and reduced the error rate as less human interaction involved.

  • Low Cost: Thingple Smart Warehouse management System synchronizes the data from WMS already in use without impacting it, and give out a better result at a fraction of the cost.

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