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Chemical and Material

Chemical laboratory is full of chemicals that are toxic and/or dangerous once mishandled, which is why greater attention is required for Chemical and Material Management. 

The Thingple Asset Management Solution solves the problem workers and management at a chemical company often face, by optimizing the operation efficiency and realizing the most cost-effective operation model. 

Tools and Cables are essential for most production factories. Yet they are also a huge headache for managers and workers alike. Tools are numerous, easy-to-be-forgotten-until-you-really-need-them, easy-to-get-lost-in-factory-clutter, and easy-to-be-stolen. Every year, workers lose hundreds of hours looking for tools, hundreds to thousands of dollars are wasted  on repeated purchase of tools. Mis-managed tools and cables are also safety hazard as improperly-maintained tools cause defective products, and unsafe work environment. Thingple 's suite of products and solutions save factory expenses on tools and cables, and maintain safe work environment for factor floor.


Chemical Laboratory Management

As it deals with various types of dangerous chemicals, the importance of tracking and monitoring as a part of the safety measures at a chemical lab can never be overemphasized.

Thingple Asset Management Solution for Chemical Lab gives the management a clear map of the chemicals in use, which will be then used to support a decision-making process.

Chemical Tank Management

Using Thingple Smart Gateway,  now it is possible to keep track of the real-time tank level data, which will eliminate the problems of costly run-outs and emergency trips. 

Thingple Chemical Tank Management provides the solution to fully automated tank level tracking system that can replace the inconsistent manual records and climbing tanks, which also puts workers at potential risk of accidents


Smart Warehouse Management

The WMS currently available in the market brings great advantages to the operators when it comes to creating an integrated system with restrictions and security that will bring the optimal efficiency for the users; the question is what if the same could be done at a much lower cost?

Thingple Smart Warehouse Management Solution supports our clients to achieve the utmost operation efficiency by implementing an automatic digitalized WMS at a fraction of the cost.

Case Study

Click below to learn how our leading customers have used Thingple solutions to improve asset visibility, do smarter picking and improve operation efficiency

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