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Shanghai Community Fire Protection and Alert Case Study

In Shanghai, there are over 10,000 gated communities for living, and many of these gated communities have old infrastructures, which makes property maintenance difficult and labor-intensive. Normally a maintenance crew of three experienced engineers could cover 50K square meters area in a week. With Shanghai's labor cost rising rapidly, quite many gated communities can't pay for proper fire-fighting equipment maintenance routine. This poses a big risk for fire.


The regular maintenance routine of fire-fighting equipment includes:

        ● Inspections of pipes, to check whether the water pressure is normal or not
        ● Check the environment, to see if there are potential risks
        ● Record down all statistics
        ● Replacing broken equipment


To monitor the fire-fighting equipment constantly, and reduce labor cost, Thingple developed smart community solution, to provide fire-fighting equipment realtime detection and predictive maintenance based on the latest IoT technology. Thingple's solution was implemented in multiple communities in Shanghai.














It takes only two days to deploy this solution in a typical local community (the area is about 1 square kilometer). The solution is consisted of the following items, 

        ● Deployed 1 Thingple KUN smart gateway
        ● Deployed 300 smoke sensors
        ● Deployed 100 water presssure sensors
        ● Deployed 20 emergency exit lock control



















Customers are highly satisfied with our solution as it solves the problems and provides the following benefits:

        ● Saved about 80% of the labor
        ● Get the real-time equipment status
        ● Alarm and control. Open emergency exit when detecting smoke

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