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Chemical Laboratory Management

While digitization and automation are eclipsing traditional methods at an unprecedented speed, a large number of major chemical companies around the world started to realize the significant benefits of this change.

The benefits of digital chemical laboratory management are rather obvious to most; they make management easier from a logical perspective and, more importantly, improve the safety inside the lab, thanks to the automated system for managing hazardous substances and risk assessment becoming ever handier. As it deals with various types of dangerous chemicals (whether it be toxic and/or explosive), the importance of tracking and monitoring them in a chemical lab is of crucial importance to the management. 

As the largest water and waste management company in the world, they are handling numerous types of hazardous chemicals inside the laboratory at Suez. However, the current laboratory management system at the company, which is still mostly done by hand, has been causing some major setbacks that cause headaches for the operators and management alike:

  • Difficult to track and monitor the chemicals in use 

  • Returning process not being done properly

  • The high error rate on registration

  • Chemical being used across the lab without registered for every occasion

The key aspects of Thingple Asset Management Solution for Chemical Laboratory are as follows:


  • Provides the management with a clear map of the chemicals in use

  • Eliminates the inconvenience manual tracking and matching process 

  • One-stop registration records the details of the operator and the chemical, and it significantly reduces the error rate

Lab Management.png

Benefits Delivered

Thingple Chemical Laboratory Management Solution enables the followings for both the management and the operators within the laboratory:

   1. For Managers​

  • Enables easier chemical information management

  • Chemical container specification management

  • User management

  • Query log operation management

  • Real-time stock monitoring

  • Operators monitoring

  • Alarm process in case of unordinary situations

   ​2. For Operators

  • Automatic chemical container initialization

  • Container usage record

  • Return record

  • Browse detail of a selected usuage occasion 

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