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Thingple is a portmanteau of “Thing” and “Simple”. The word represents our aspiration for IOT - Everything, everywhere, simply connected.

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To become a world-class IOT solution provider for industrial, communities and consumer devices

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RFID triggered automation

Yanfeng Automotive Interiors (YFAI) is the global leader in automotive interiors. In order to improve the production efficiency,  a lot of Auto Guided Vehicles (AGV) are used to moving materials and products. 

By using AGVs, the storage space is utilized, and the outbound delivery efficiency is improved while conducting real-time dynamic adjustment of materials in hot and cold areas.

But the call for AGV is done manually by operator, who is checking the material shelf status and location, and then call for AGV. The situation can be changed by using Thingple's latest RFID technology.

​Thingple provides  a set of automation solution, to automate the material shelf cycling process.

When shelf arrives or leaves work station, the work station reader will detect the shelf ID automatically, and report this event to MES or WMS, then MES or WMS call for the AGV to pick-up the shelf. So that the material and product cycling process is fully automated.

Thingple provides work stations and portal readers, which could detect shelf arrival/leave and upload the events.

With Thingple's RFID automation solution, our customer not only fully automate the material and product cycling process, and also gain ​following benefits: