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Chemical Warehouse Management

With over 160 years of experience in the water and waste industry, SUEZ is working on all five continents in the service of efficient and sustainable management of resources.


Suez Wuxi factory manufactures chemicals in water treatment and is one of Suez’s largest manufacturing sites in Asia. In daily operation, the SUEZ factory deals with many different kinds of materials and products, check-in and check out from the warehouse, delivery to the customer, etc.


Currently, SUEZ uses MES system to track the production process, but unfortunately, existing asset tracking system comes with some major setbacks in their requirements:


  • No accurate stock information like pallet information, shelf location, etc.

  • No visualization for stock information.

  • No regulatory check for product check-in; like acid products, should not be placed on the alkaline shelf.

  • No pickup instruction for customer delivery.

  • No re-label instruction for different customers.

  • No first-in, first-out control for picking.

  • No delivery validation

  • No statistics for operation.


To address these shortcomings of the MES system, Thingple implemented full warehouse management and picking solutions for the SUEZ Wuxi factory, which covers the whole warehouse management process from material check-in to product delivery. 

Overall process.png

Create material pallet


Generate material pallet with product number, batch number, expiry date, etc.

Check-out material pallet


Check out a material pallet, and update pallet content (weight, quantity) for production purpose

Create product pallet


Generate product pallet with product number, batch number, expiry date, etc

Create product pallet


Check-in product pallet to warehouse system, combine pallet with shelf

Picking and re-label

Picking and product re-label according to work order from picking system.



Deliver pallets to a customer according to delivery order

Thingple Warehouse Management and Picking Solution 


Thingple's I.O.Asset solution implemented at SUEZ Wuxi factory includes the following components:


  1. Forklift system: With Thingple's highly integrated all-in-one reader, the number of forklift reader system components is reduced from 10 to 4, and the amount of cabling drops from 4 to 1.  Forklift system provides products and materials used for pallet check-in, check-out, and delivery 

  2. Handheld: Handhelds assist in pallet initialization, update, check-in, check-out, and work order tracking.

  3. Tags: Thingple's high-performance UHF-RFID tags are fixed to both wood and metal pallet.

  4. Kanban: Kan-ban system provides visual stock information in real-time to operators and management.

  5. I.O.Asset SaaS:  A portal for management and operation report, as well as the back-end system for all front-end application

I.O.Asset 4 Chemical.png

Benefits Delivered

Thingple warehouse management and picking system are essential to SUEZ operation and after implementing I.O.Asset in SUEZ Wuxi factory, the working operation comes with several benefits:


  • Know material and product location

  • First-in-first-out (FIFO) policy is followed and implemented

  • System-generated picking order improves operation efficiency significantly

  • Regulatory check for pallet check-in

  • Up-to-date statistics and operation matrix at management fingertip

  • Integration with SAP ERP and MES system

Thingple I.O.Asset is now playing a pivotal role in SUEZ Wuxi warehouse management, operators and managers rely on I.O.Asset in their daily work and operations.

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