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Thingple is a portmanteau of “Thing” and “Simple”. The word represents our aspiration for IOT - Everything, everywhere, simply connected.

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To become a world-class IOT solution provider for industrial, communities and consumer devices

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Facility Monitoring

Whether it is a chemical manufacturing plant that stretches over several kilometers or a central warehouse that stores thousands of chemicals, it is often critical to monitor the facility environment including temperature, moisture, humidity, gas level, door status etc. This information is useful in many ways, for example:


  • Impact of temperature and humidity during storage on materials' shelf life can be analyzed;

  • Fire hazard doors can be programmed to open automatically in case of fire;

  • Unusual vibration on a piece equipment can indicate potential failure and alert factory workers;

There is abundant sensors for every environment indicator, but few are installed in factories today. The main reason is that these sensors are cumbersome to install. Common issues include

  • Many sensors are wired which require power supply and wiring;

  • Common wireless sensors built on bluetooth or Wifi have limited read range therefore requiring many routers and relays to cover a large area common in warehouse or chemical plants;

  • Complex sensor network resulting from lack of common standard and communication protocols;

  • Legacy sensors and new sensors often can't be integrated

Thingple's facility monitoring solution is built on its unique LoRaWAN router technology that supports critical features that allow "plug-and-play" covering several kilometers of areas of plant operation.

  • One gateway covers more than 3 Km2 

  • One gateway supports 2000+ sensors

  • Simple network architecture, easy to integrate

  • Multiple API supported

  • Edge control for specific triggers

  • 3 year+ battery life, easy to maintain

Thingple has a wide variety of common sensors already configured and tested with the Thingple LoRaWan router. These include temperature, moisture, smoke, vibration, laser radar etc. And Thingple is adding more and more sensors to the library so that all sensors supplied by Thingple are pre-configured so that it is truly "plug and play" in the field