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Gas cylinders are traditionally identified by barcodes. The trouble with barcodes is that they need to be scanned on-by-one unobstructed line-of-sight under good light conditions. With caps on, it could take up to 2 minute to scan each gas cylinder with a barcode scanner as worker needs to see the barcode first, then focus the barcode scanner on the barcode.


With tens of thousands of cylinders, it could mean days and weeks to inventory a complete plant with barcodes.

With Thingple's UHF-RFID solution, inventory is done easily with a handheld RFID reader. It takes 20 seconds to walk around a pallet of 16 cylinder bundles and inventory them all. Which comes down to about 1 second per cylinder.

  • RFID Can Read Multiple Tags Simultaneously

Performing a manual inventory process requires personnel to individually match tag ID's or serial numbers. This can be very time consuming and prone to inaccuracies. Using barcodes speeds up the inventory process and makes it more accurate, but still requires each asset to be scanned individually. Many handheld RFID readers for can read up to 20 tags or more simultaneously.

  • RFID Does Not Require Line-of-Sight

Both manual and barcode processes require that the tags be physically located and viewable. Another advantage of RFID is the ability to read tags that are not visible. Unlike barcodes and human readable tags that must be physically located and viewable to read, RFID tags do not need to be visible to be read. For example, tagging a PC up under a desk would require personnel to crawl up under the desk to physically locate and view the tag when using a manual or barcode process. Using an RFID tag would allow personnel to read the tag through the desk without even seeing it. 

  • Thingple's RFID tags are patent-protected design to achieve anti-interference in high-metal environment

It is usually difficult to achieve 100% read of RFID tags in high-metal environment, as metal bounces RF signals. Thingple's RFID tags, however, are specifically designed for high-metal environment. The design is protected by global patents. Thingple RFID-tagged cylinders can be read with Thingple handheld to get 100% accuracy.

  • Thingple's RFID handheld can be tuned in power to fine tune the read range to avoid mis-read

Whether you want to read one cylinder, inventory just a bundle of 16 cylinders, or do quick inventory of hundreds of cylinders in warehouse, you can achieve do so quickly and accurately by fine-tuning the power level of the Thingple RFID handheld reader to the read range you need (short for single-cylinder, mid range for bundles and long range for warehouse). Thingple's handheld reader can be tuned to < 0.5 meter boundaries.

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