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With Thingple's cylinder management solution, plant manager and industrial gas business managers are able to view and analyze assets, monitor and analyze production, and calculate cylinder turnover rate on timely (daily basis). The Thingple cylinder management reports are also available as an independent app for download on Android App market under the Brand Name "Gastight (气管严)".

  • Production report.


Managers can check the daily/weekly/monthly production reports on web portal and on mobile APP.

  • Asset status report.


Managers can check asset status on web portal or on mobile app, to know asset numbers by type, by location, by manufacturing date, by asset life etc.

  • Economics

Managers can view the economics of the gas operation by visual reports and analytics on cylinder turn-over speed, economic profitability by cylinder (needs to tie to product pricing info), and profitability of each gas filling location for example. ​

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