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The Thingple warehouse management Demo Kit consists of both hardware and software, ready for you to try the warehouse management solution:

  • 1 UHF RFID Handheld with I.O.Asset pre-installed.

  • 1 Forklift UHF RFID reader (with built-in antenna and bluetooth module).

  • 1 Forklift UHF RFID reader battery.

  • 1 Forklift touch pad.

  • 100 Thingple pallet tags.

  • 100 Thingple pallet tags (anti-metal).

  • 20 Shelf tags

  • Preinstalled warehouse management solution

  • Instruction menu for installing the hardware and initializing the software

Warehouse management demo kit

  • With Thingple warehouse Demo Kit, you could perform the following functions right out-of-box:


    • Pallet check-in by handheld

    • Pallet check-out by handheld

    • Pallet check-in by forklift touch pad

    • Pallet check-out by forklift touch pad

    • Pallet initialization with products

    • Products movement between pallet

    • Pallet delivery

    • Pallet location

  • Add Demo Kit to your cart. After payment, you will be asked to enter an email address and other contact info. Our support engineer will prepare the Demo Kit and generate trial account for you. The Demo Kit will be mailed by USPS, and trial accound information will be sent through email.  One support engineer will also schedule a 30 minutes call with you to go over the product use and answer any question you may have.

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