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Thingple products include tags, readers, antennas, and routers. There are two series of products designed for different user scenarios:

The "Q" series for moving and returning assets, and the "G" series for fixed assets.



Thingple Q (Quan) Series products are used for tracking moving and returning assets throughout their life cycles. 

Quan (全) means complete in Chinese. The Q Series is designed for complete and lifetime tracking of valuable assets from cradle to grave. 



Thingple G (Gu) Series products are used for monitoring equipment and assets at factories and communities. 

Gu (固) means solid in Chinese. The G Series is designed for solid connection to all sensors at all times to provide users peace-of-mind.


Thingple LoRaWAN

Thingple has developed a high-performance LoRaWAN as a part of its solution to the data dispersion problems common in manufacturing facilities. 

Thingple LoRaWAN provides a one-stop data aggregation point where all sensor data gets gathered, analyzed, and turned into information that supports management for the decision-making.  

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