Our Name

Thingple is a portmanteau of “Thing” and “Simple”. The word represents our aspiration for IOT - Everything, everywhere, simply connected.

Our Vision
To become a world-class IOT solution provider for industrial, communities and consumer devices

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Auto and Industrial

Besides having state-of-art equipments, advanced manufacturing also needs efficient monitoring and management of stocks, tools and environment. Thingple's suite of unique hardware products and AI solutions help

leading manufacturers to digitize and visualize their valuable stocks, tools, and environment,

and utilize algorithms to streamline operation

Case Study

Click below to learn how our leading customers have used Thingple solutions to improve asset visibility, do smarter picking and improve operation efficiency


Material Handling

Continuing to drive operational efficiencies through traditional cost-cutting measures now provides only marginal gains. Industry 4.0 is about the significant transformation taking place in the way goods are produced and delivered – moving toward smart production and the flexible factory. 

Thingple's industrial unique RFID solution, which drives the automation of material and prodution cycling during production. Thingple's cloud reader, which has built-in Linux system, could adapt to different kinds of enterprise APIs and easily be integrated.

Tool and Cable Management

Tools and Cables are essential for most production factories. Yet they are also a huge headache for managers and workers alike. Tools are numerous, easy-to-be-forgotten-until-you-really-need-them, easy-to-get-lost-in-factory-clutter, and easy-to-be-stolen. Every year, workers lose hundreds of hours looking for tools, hundreds to thousands of dollars are wasted  on repeated purchase of tools. Mis-managed tools and cables are also safety hazard as improperly-maintained tools cause defective products, and unsafe work environment. Thingple 's suite of products and solutions save factory expenses on tools and cables, and maintain safe work environment for factor floor.