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Stock Management for Warehouse

A factory warehouses is a bustling place of goods, forklifts and people. A typical mid-size factory warehouse stores hundreds types of raw material, as well as hundreds to thousands of types of end products, tens of forklifts busily travel among tens of tight, high-stacking rows of shelfs, picking items from thousands of shelf positions.

Many factory warehouses don't have digital warehouse/stock management system, operators manually check and record where stocks are thorough barcode scanning, resulting in issues such as:

  • Manual Inventory: It is time-consuming to run inventory check and audit

  • Slow order fulfillment: Different products are sorted manually to combine into shipping pallets, it is time consuming and error-prone

  • Wrong label for customers: Sometime different customers need different label (language, product number etc) for same product, but it is easy to make mistake when preparing the shipping pallets manually

Thingple's warehouse solutions contains the following components:

Robust Tags: Robust and durable shelf-tags and pallet-level tags to identify shelfs and pallets respectively. Also can accommodate pallets that already have embedded RFID tags.







Handheld and Forklift Readers: Thingple's unique one-piece reader + antenna equipment can easily be installed on a forklift to read shelf-tags and pallet-level tags. It is lowest-cost solution in the market as it replaces readers and multiple antennas to reduce purchase and installation cost. 



"Smart picking" software:  Full lifecycle management of stock - from material to production to warehousing to shipping is recorded digitally,  material and product barrels are linked to shelves while each and every handling of the material and stock is recorded. With the information,  algorithm automatically generates work order for operator based on customer oder, which automatically matches products with different product numbers that exist in the system, and generates re-label requests for different language and product numbers when needed.













Thingple's Stock Management Solution for products warehouse enable:

  • Accurate location: Know where all the material and product barrels are located in the warehouse, and know the exact number of each product barrel in stock.

  • Visualization: Could easily get all the stock location information in different terminals like handheld, forklift panel, back-end management portal etc.

  • Automation: Automatically generate packaging order from the delivery order that truck operators can execute. Smart picking ensures that products are most efficiently picked and packaged for delivery.

Click here to read how Thingple's stock management solution helped Suez Wuxi plant to improve stock management, eliminate picking errors and  realize just-in-time raw material ordering.

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Shelf tags

  • Durable

  • Water-proof

  • High performance

Pallet-level tags

  • Printable

  • Easy to implement

  • Low-cost

Forklift RFID reader:

  • Easily installed on a forklift

  • Highly integrated one-piece equipment including reader, antenna, Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and 2G/3G/LTE communication modules

  • Wireless access gives more implementation flexibility

  • One-press check in/check out

Handheld RFID reader

  • Support both bar code and RFID

  • Durable

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