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Tools and Cable Management

Tools and cables are essential production tools of any modern factory, yet they are also a huge headache for managers and workers alike. Issues with tool and cable management include:

  • Tools are numerous, they are laid out everywhere on the factory floor and easily get lost in the clutter

  • Tools are easy-to-be-forgotten-until-you-really-need-them, many tools and cables are thus not properly maintained, posing a safety hazard 

  • It is easy to pick the wrong cable since it is hard to visually distinguish cables of different diameters –using the wrong cable can cause serious accidents. In the same token, using the wrong tool can also mean worker injury

  • Most factories don't have a digital database of tools and cables, workers have to look for the right tool or right cable at different tool chests and cable hangers located throughout the factory. Workers lose productive time, and often times, more tools than necessary are ordered as workers can't find the tools.

  • There is no digital record for a tool or cable usage, making it hard to do the lifecycle management of the items. Many factories rely on visual inspection of the tools and cables on a weekly basis but finding it difficult to enforce and ensure. 

Thingple's suite of tool and cable management products and solutions encompass the following important functions:

  • Digital lifetime record of tools

  • Fast location of available tools to save worker time

  • Scrap prediction and timely replenishment minimize downtime

  • Process control to reduce redundant human inspection

  • Lifetime analytics

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