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Truck and Warehouse


Each gas cylinder gets filled many many times and delivered to many many different customers a year. Knowing where each cylinders is, how many times it gets turned over in a year is possible with barcodes, providing that each step is meticulously recorded by bar-code scanning. However, it is so time-consuming that most industrial gas companies don't bother with it, and rely on the good-faith of customers and the counting skills of plant managers.  

Thingple's UHF-RFID cylinder tracking system takes the burden out of tracking by dramatically reducing human involvement in the tracking process. Thingple system relies on strategically placed fixed readers, and handheld readers on delivery trucks to record information and perform edge-computing of the data to ensure relevance and accuracy. While RFID-tracking of gas cylinders have been attempted before with limited success,  Thingple's patent-pending, high-performance UHF-RFID tags is what makes difference between 95% read and 100% read. 

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Thingple's RFID cylinder tracking system is composed of the following:

  • Gates

Gates can be placed at plant entrance, warehouse entrance etc. to record in bulk of the passing of cylinders at the gate.

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  • Gas filling line

Readers can be installed on gas filling lines to record all gas filling operations, including time, pressure, type of gas, operators and tie those information to tags on cylinders. Furthermore it can alert operators if wrong cylinders are placed into the filling line.

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  • Delivery and pick-up

Handheld readers containing GPS modules are used to scan cylinders at delivery location. At scanning, the delivery time, cylinder number, delivery location are automatically recorded and information bundle is sent to the cloud. Receipts are generated, printed or emailed to customers. This accurate recording of delivery avoids potential future disputes that often arise from paperwork-based delivery. The cylinders are also instantaneously shown on a map upon delivery so that logistic managers can have visual tool to track all the deliveries.

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