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BASF-YPC central warehouse, Nanjing, China relies on Thingple FLOW


Current WMS systems may be sufficient for the pre-digital age. But many aren’t directly connected to the actual goods that enter/exit the warehouse constantly. As the world’s leading chemical company, BASF deals with goods that are time-sensitive and sometimes hazardous. BASF-YPC China (a BASF-Sinopec joint venture) needed a system that is responsive, linked directly to goods in real-time, reduce/remove expensive human errors, avoid wastage, and most of all be trackable from the moment it enters the warehouses (storage, processing, post-production). The solution was Thingple FLOW, which integrates RFID-tagged goods/pallets with EDGE-enabled forklifts with RFID readers, 24/7 online access with real-time data dashboards and complete inventory visualization.


A key challenge in managing commodities in the chemical industry (additives/raw materials) is tracking the resources down to the material level. Conventional ‘digital WMS systems’ still still require manual input/scanning to track the physical movements of goods, resulting in data that is not real-time or error-prone. One of the biggest problems is dealing with unexpected volumes, when the manpower simply can’t keep up, or human errors start to surface.


As part of our commitment to drive full digital transformation of the chemical industry, our patented hands-free digital real-time RFID-EWMS system (FLOW) not only improves efficiency, but also simplifies and visualizes the entire inventory process in real-time.

Watch the system in action here

Warehouse Goods Issuing

Warehouse Goods Receiving

Advantages of Thingple FLOW at BASF-YPC

  • Forklift trucks equipped with sensors and edge-smart RFID readers can accurately and automatically identify RFID tags associated with material information

  • Real-time identification and tracking of material location via RFID tags embedded in the floor

  • The WMS system captures all cargo location information in real time, and all cargo movements are displayed on the central digital dashboard

  • Intelligent EWMS algorithms provide accurate goods picking/shelf recommendations optimized for FIFO and related warehousing strategies, so operators only need to follow touchscreen instructions on forklift

  • Interactive, touch-screen 3D for real-time inventory visualization of the entire warehouse, allowing managers to supervise the warehouse loading situation in real-time, and make timely adjustments

Benefits of an RFID-EWMS system

  • Automatic tracking of material receipt, delivery and shelving, requires zero manual input

  • No paperwork or barcode / QR code scanning required

  • Saves time and effort, reduces manpower requirements, with no sacrifice in accuracy

  • No time wasted in having to manually search for available shelf space/goods

  • FIFO and other storage strategies automated by smart algorithms

  • Full digital integration – able to output timely and accurate warehouse status reports as and when required

EDGE-enabled intelligent forklifts with RFID readers to identify, verify or track goods when received / dispatched

At Thingple, we’ve developed a proprietary forklift system that uses RFID to allow the forklift to automatically identify/verify/track goods as they’re received or dispatched. The operator only needs follow the forklift’s on-screen prompts, eliminating inventory inaccuracies and costly operational errors - common in conventional manual WMS processes.


  • Integrated RFID reader with proximity sensor for instant, accurate goods data

  • Tagging and tracking of materials, pallets, storage spaces with UHF RFID tags

  • Automatic identification of material tags, pallet tags and warehouse tags eliminates conventional manual/paper-based operations

  • Easy installation, fits all forklifts

  • EDGE intelligence prevents stray reads and common errors  


By enabling accurate goods tracking at item and pallet levels, and providing real-time data to ensure inventory accuracy, Thingple’s FLOW at BASF-YPC’s central logistics warehouse is revolutionizing the way they operate.

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