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Sep 15 2023

Next 30 years: Chinese local to global (LinkedIn article)

May 6 2023

Digital Transformation, not Digital Duplication (featured on Huawei Transform digital magazine)

March 17 2023

Why RFID is better than barcode: a demonstration (video)

March 7 2023

Hands-free, Precise, Real-Time Warehouse Inventory Data:
Thingple’s RFID-EWMS System Officially Launched in BASF-YPC Nanjing 

August 15 2022

Phoenix Contact makes strategic investment in Thingple 

June 26 2021

Thingple’s RFID-WMS system aids digital transformation of BASF Caojing Central Warehouse

January 6 2021

Thingple’s lab chemical management solution launches at Shanghai lab of Suez Water Technologies and Services 

May 20 2020

Thingple ships high performance RFID tags and readers for  major European automotive interior manufacturing plant

June 30 2019

Thingple completes phase I installation of smart warehouse at Suez Wuxi Plant

Jan 27 2019

Thingple rated among top 20% of start-ups by Early Metrics

Dec 26 2018

Thingple and Beijing Tianhai Industries jointly launch RFID-enabled gas cylinders

Dec 10 2018

Thingple launches LoRaWan-based smart community fire-safety solution

Oct 8 2018

Thingple signs partnership with Alizent to partner on Kegflow solution
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