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We believe total efficiency saves time, costs and our planet

Earth’s resources are becoming more precious with time, and the industries – many of which operate/produce with massive volumes and speed – have a clear opportunity to make a change. In a time where human lifespans are increasing, we believe applying digital Intelligence their process can help cut down/out wastage, save energy and minimize carbon footprints, so as to preserve our planet’s resources for future generations.


Primarily, digital transformation helps factories, plants and facilities operate intelligently to achieve operational efficiency. The effect of improved production processes can extract maximum use out of every ounce of resource, while strictly avoiding wastage – all while keeping up to speed with delivery deadlines.

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This is where Thingple’s intelligent digital transformation solutions excel at: minimizing waste, maximizing precious resources, with no sacrifice to the bottom line.


Our industrial digital solutions offer:

• Real-time information for real-time decision making 

• Edge intelligence to eliminate human errors

• Automation to free people from the mundane

• Precision to make the most of every type of material


Our mission

We create proprietary solutions empowered with edge intelligence, to free people from the mundane, to minimize material wastage with real-time information, in the processing and moving of the precious resources of our world. 


Our vision

We believe in developing develop digital technologies for the highly efficient use of the earth’s resources so that humanity can enjoy longer and healthier lives. 

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Dr Zhou Min @ Phoenix Contact's Heart Talk event (2023 Feb)




We constantly hone our expertise through exposure and learning, to make our experience and skills in the digital transformation space as amongst the best in the industry. We also have access to the latest technology and software to deliver solutions that are on par with world-class expectations for our international clients.


The breakthrough solutions we develop are based on deep insights of the industry and understanding of customer needs. This allows us to create digital systems that are tailored to the needs of specific industries or facilities. We believe in persevering through diligence in research to deliver the next breakthrough solution.


Our sense of responsibility goes beyond delivering projects on-time. Every solution delivered also carries innate climate and social responsibilities: reducing waste, increasing efficiency, reducing carbon footprints and contributing to support climate change.

Global Mindset

We are a multinational team with an international mindset. Our CEO’s experience spans across the US and China, while our marketing communications experience covers South East Asia and China. Many of our clients are based in China, but are global brands with an international presence. We always take a borderless point of view to every project, drawing references from best-in-class industries from around the world, to deliver results that are world-class. 


Dr Min Zhou,

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Alex Li,
Solutions Director

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Xavier Wong,
Marketing Director

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Gu Jiandang,
Board Member

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We believe in co-creating the path forward to pursue our mission and achieve goals collaboratively. One of our lead partners is strategic investor and ecosystem enabler Phoenix Contact, a 100-year old conglomerate known for its innovative industrial automation, interconnection, and interface solutions, headquartered in Germany, with a strong presence in China. Phoenix Contact China CEO, Mr Gu Jiandang, is a board member with Thingple.



We’re always looking out for quality talent in the digital transformation space

At the moment, we seek talented software & hardware engineers, and project managers to join our growing team. If you have a passion for environmental responsibility through minimizing industry waste and believe in freeing human labor from the mundane, reach out to us!

Send your CV to

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