Our Name

Thingple is a portmanteau of “Thing” and “Simple”. The word represents our aspiration for IOT - Everything, everywhere, simply connected.

Our Vision
To become a world-class IOT solution provider for industrial, communities and consumer devices

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Internet of “Things” (IOT) is the most powerful in industries that:

  • Have numerous “things”

  • These “things” are valuable

  • These “things” have long life 

  • These “things” are used often

  • These “things” have safety implications

  • These “things” are scattered in locations

  • These “things” have multiple users and stakeholders


When these numerous, valuable, scattered “things” are assigned IDs, tracked, measured and connected, they are kept safe, accounted for, value-generating. The big data generated by these “things” can truly shed insights not available before and transform traditional industries.


Explore below how Thingple Technologies and Solutions are applied to add data and new insights to traditional industries

Lean Manufacturing




Digital Transformation