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Baosteel Gas:
Industrial Gas Cylinder Management 


Baosteel Gas is a provider of industrial gases. Delivering oxygen, nitrogen, argon, and specialty gases on a daily basis, they needed a solution to track thousands of cylinders that are delivered/retrieved daily, while avoiding recycling cylinders on the wrong gas line. Baosteel Gas relied on barcodes, but cylinders could only be scanned one at a time, which affected their operational efficiency. Worn out barcode tags on reused cylinders meant operators couldn't identify/verify what gas it was used for, causing massive challenges during inventory checks. 

Thingple's solution was to help Baosteel Gas:

• Track each cylinder during production and delivery

• Set alerts for cylinder inspection expiration or end-of-life date (limited to a 30-year lifespan in China)

• Keep track of every cylinder’s location and take inventory

• Rank customers based on turnaround rates, and measure customer service standards

• Streamline operations by sharing cylinder information between procurement, production, sales and logistics.


We implemented a complete industrial gas management solution which included inventory, tracking, production, inspection, as well as full life-cycle cylinder management. This revolves around a patented UHF-RFID tag specially designed for the industrial gas operating environment.

RFID-based Intelligent Goods Tracking System for a better WMS
(Thingple FLOW)

Current WMS systems may be sufficient for the pre-digital age. But many aren’t directly connected to the actual goods that enter/exit the warehouse constantly. As the world’s leading chemical company, BASF deals with goods that are time-sensitive and sometimes hazardous. BASF China needed a system that is responsive, linked directly to goods in real-time, reduce/remove expensive human errors, avoid wastage, and most of all be trackable from the moment it enters the warehouses (storage, processing, post-production).


The solution was Thingple FLOW, which integrates RFID-tagged goods/pallets with EDGE-enabled forklifts with RFID readers, 24/7 online access with real-time data dashboards and complete inventory visualization.

water tank 2.jpg

Veolia China:

Nationwide remote water tank management with LoraWAN technology

(Thingple Neuro)

Water treatment plant operations never stop, and Veolia China needed a system that could help improve the way they constantly supervise and manage the dosing of multiple water tanks across sprawling facilities across 5 provinces. Conventionally, Veolia China depended on workers to constantly patrol and conduct physical checks on the water tanks to ensure the fluid levels were not below standards. But this was inefficient and actual fluid level reports could never be shared in real-time.

The solution was Thingple Neuro, a wireless 'nervous system' for facilities that could provide real-time status updates and and send push notifications to command & control to take action if necessary.

Yanfeng Automotive: 

RFID-based goods issuing/receiving integrated with existing MES​ (Thingple FLOW)

Yanfeng Automotive is a global leader in supplying high-quality car interiors to established automotive brands around the world. The deadlines are uncompromising, and so is the WMS requirements. With parts and material racks exchanging places at a rapid pace, Yanfeng needed a solution that could eliminate the manpower required to track them.

Thingple FLOW's RFID-based system helps Yanfeng's Shanghai factory track their goods issuing and receiving on a daily basis, with down-to-the-minute accuracy. Best of all, it integrates with their existing MES to help orchestrate operations.

Yanfeng 2.jpg
Bluetooth lock.gif

Veolia China:

Centralization of laboratory chemical use, authorizations and reports
(Thingple Wave)

Veolia China serves a number of customers across China to deliver water treatment programs – each is customized to each customer's industrial needs. Key to this are the in-house laboratories in Veolia's head office. Sprawled across 3 floors, the labs formerly relied on tedious paperwork and a physical signature process to track the use of restricted chemicals or attain approvals. 

In use for over 2 years now, Thingple Wave RFID-LIMS has helped to simplify and centralize Veolia China's lab processes with its contactless system, allowing managers and supervisors to authorize chemical use with remote bluetooth locks and track reagent use activities anytime, anywhere through its digital platform.  

Thingple digital transformation solutions have been relied upon by some of the best-known industrial brands on the planet. Whether it’s to track mobile, fixed or recirculating assets, our solutions have helped many factories and plants achieve higher levels of efficiency, make better bottom lines, deliver greater operational transparency and most importantly, cut out expensive errors and reduce wastage.

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