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Improve your ROI, capacity and output volume with our breakthrough solutions

Thingple solutions are currently best-in-class intelligent digital systems that help factories and plants to achieve near 100% efficiency, by reducing unnecessary costs, accelerating processes, improving accuracy and delivering better ROI overall. The digital transformation it delivers is designed to eliminate wastage, minimize delays, reduce manpower, remove human errors and more.

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Fixed asset monitoring solution

For manufacturing industries, Thingple’s LoRaWAN-connected intelligent sensors act as a real-time nervous system for sprawling industrial facilities, identifying issues, serving as an early-warning system, issuing controls or reactive measures, displaying performance metrics and data, to help maintain consistent plant performance or enhance operational efficiencies.

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Mobile asset tracking solution

For the processing manufacturing industry, Thingple’s proprietary, RFID-based multi-sensor digital system is the most advanced intelligent-WMS in the market that will identify, track, trace, measure and deliver material/goods/stock so they can manage warehousing from a single platform easily, efficiently and accountably.

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Lab asset compliance & monitoring solution

For R&D centers, laboratories and chemical investigation facilities, Thingple's Wave RFID-based Laboratory Information Managament System (LIMS) offers lab operations a contactless, trackable, centralized and frictionless experience. From request to approvals, to use and storage, to reports and compliance, RFID-based Wave helps to track samples intelligently.

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