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Thingple joins forces with Alizent to develop a common value proposal by combining their products and abilities within the domain of Beer Keg Tracking Solutions
Oct 8 2018

Thingple, the Chinese expert in end to end RFID Tracking solutions based in Shanghai has signed a strategic partnership with Alizent, the global Asset Interactive company. This new agreement will enable Alizent to deploy Thingple technologies in its world-class KEGFLOW solution, as well as allowing Thingple to introduce and commercialize the KEGFLOW solution in the Chinese market.


KEGFLOW allows brewers to optimize their investment in Keg purchases. A scalable solution offering staged investment depending upon key ROI drivers specific to each Brewer's individual circumstances. Different technologies such as UHF RFID are combined with sophisticated algorithms and reports to fully harness the power of the data collected. A statistical approach whereby only a proportion of the kegs within the population are tagged along with minimal scan points, intelligently located at key supply chain intersections, allow high accuracy reporting such as cycle time behavior at a brand level, forecasting of keg availability, future purchase requirements and avoidance, loss rate trending and population sizing.

With offices in seven countries including the UK, US, Canada, France, and Spain, Alizent has over 250 employees serving the primary metals, food & beverages, healthcare, and energy industries. Their teams have successfully implemented the KEGFLOW solution for many of the world’s leading Brewers during the last decade.


Thingple Inc. is an industrial IoT company with proprietary asset-tracking tags and readers that are specifically developed for industrial applications in a high metal environment.  Thingple’s proprietary products and asset management solutions are deployed in MNC companies such as GE, Suez, Baosteel, Taiyo Nippon Sanso.  


Alexis Duret  - CEO,  Alizent stated: “Our organization is committed to delivering innovative solutions to connect our customer’s Assets, collect data and extract business value from them. This strategic partnership will allow the Alizent KEGFLOW solution to be deployed in the China market and at the same time leverage Thingple’s strong expertise in UHF-RFID technologies. The two companies share a common vision for the impact of digitalization on traditional industries.”


Dr. Min Zhou, CEO, Thingple stated: “We are very excited to partner with Alizent in bringing the KEGFLOW solution to the China market.  This partnership will expand Thingple’s circulating-assets-tracking industrial solution from Industrial gas cylinder tracking and chemical goods tracking to the beer keg tracking vertical.  It is a win-win partnership to serve the end customers with high-performance hardware and best-in-class software solution.”

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