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Veolia manages its remote water treatment tanks across 5 provinces with Thingple Neuro's LoraWAN/IOT-SaaS system

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In larger water treatment operations, physically checking the levels of various tanks is both time consuming and expensive. With Thingple Neuro, the content in bulk tanks can be updated remotely, anywhere, anytime – regardless of location. Not only is the process is safer and more efficient, it also cuts down manpower costs, as workers no longer need to make time or the physical trip to climb up/down checking large tanks.


Sinopec and Veolia China recently entered a landmark partnership to monitor, manage and maximize water treatment efficiency through the implementation and operation of a wireless remote wide area network (LoRaWAN) system.

Veolia China depends on Thingple Neuro's real-time, remote water level sensors at its plants across 5 Chinese provinces (Zhengjiang, Zhanjiang, Zhuhai, Beihai and Boxing) as part of the digital transformation of its water treatment process. With immediate, real-time updates on fluid level changes in storage tanks across the country, operators can now continuously supervise and maintain optimal levels, minimizing labor costs.


Before, workers had to physically conduct visual checks at Veolia's water tanks, which could be installed at several different locations within a facility. This took up valuable time, required manpower and could not deliver real-time status updates.

Thingple Neuro's wirelessly connected data beacons can update fluid levels in real-time, 24/7. The system automatically alerts when the level in a tank fluid is too low, providing sufficient notice for top-ups, and also plans ahead for time windows to conduct tank maintenance.


Thingple Neuro's LoRaWAN technology revolutionizes Veolia's water treatment process by streamlining its operations. With live, 24/7 tracking to provide real-time data to support accurate, real-time wireless updates, it resolves the problem of information latency and human errors.


As part of Veolia's digital transformation process to optimize its water treatment operations, Thingple Neuro delivers a slew of benefits:

  • Eliminates human labor, errors, minimizes waste, delays and downtime

  • Provides accurate and instant multi-location data updates, reporting and alerts.

  • Comprehensive data security, as the system operates within a private network.

  • LoRaWAN-based wireless tech delivers a superior coverage for an operating radius of up to 3 km.

  • A SaaS model delivering 24/7 remote access for supervision across corporate ranks

  • Fully scalable – data beacons can be added to the system as required

  • Future DaaS model will offer customizable features based on different requirements

LoRaWAN-based Thingple Neuro is able to connect to over 2,000 sensors at the same time, and integrate with EDGE computing and sensor data, to deliver an accurate overall view of the facility's operating status.


Many conventional operational issues are resolved with Thingple Neuro:​

  • One-stop data collection center, with no time delay in asset/equipment status 

  • Digital data/tracking shows exactly how much material has been added/withdrawn, or when it occurred

  • Accurate tank level management allows management to plan and implement the best decisions at the best time, minimizing/eliminating unnecessary capital investments and losses

"The LoRaWAN system from Midas provides operators with real-time, accurate information for comprehensive, efficient water treatment without guesswork, allowing us to work better and create a better environment."

Tim Huang, Vice President of SUEZ

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