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Thingple’s lab chemical management solution launches at Shanghai lab of Suez Water Technologies and Services 

January 6 2021

Suez Water Technologies and Services (Suez WTS) Shanghai’s chemical lab is a typical lab for chemical and material company - a total of 26 chemical cabinets, involving more than 500 bottles of chemical reagents, are distributed in three laboratories. Managing these laboratories to EHS standard and government regulation has been manual, time-consuming, tedious and error-prone. Specifically:  

  • Since the management of the three laboratories is offline, the lab has to dedicate one personnel to manage and record the warehousing, collection, use and return of chemicals.

  • Some chemicals are duplicates since there is no visibility across labs, resulting in duplicate purchases, excess inventory and waste of resources. 

  • Information regarding who used what chemical when needs to be manually recorded into computer database every day, adding workload

  • Safety risk from chemicals staying outside too long when employees forget to return promptly. 

  • Need supervisor to be physically present to open locks for dangerous chemicals or when in emergency, resulting in inconvenience and inflexibility. 


Thingple’s RFID-based lab management solution solves the above pain points by deploying RFID tagging of chemicals, blue-tooth locks, weighing platform and a SAAS platform that authorizes opening and closing of locks, accurately record when, who, what chemical and how much of chemical use.
















Thingple’s Lab Chemical Platform brought clear benefits to the lab:

·       Established an online chemical management system, with clear records of chemical consumption and use;

·       Improved the efficiency of application and approval, and make emergency application more convenient;

·       Reduced human resources to lab management by half a FTE, that can be re-deployed to more productive work

·       Peace-of-mind in terms of EHS compliance and government regulation compliance.



















Tim Huang, senior Vice President, APAC of Suez Water Technologies & Solutions commented: “Thingple Lab Chemical Management Platform uses modern IT tools to improve the lab chemical management process, improved our lab’s operation efficiency, strengthened the safety and flexibility of our chemical use, and reduced our lab chemical inventory cost”. 

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