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Hands-free, Precise, Real-Time Warehouse Inventory Data:
Thingple’s RFID-EWMS System Officially Launched in BASF-YPC Nanjing

March 7 2023

Thingple Inc, a digital transformation partner for processing industries, has achieved a new milestone with BASF-YPC (a BASF-Sinopec Joint Venture) in Nanjing, China, by launching a fully automated, real-time RFID-EWMS system at BASF-YPC’s central logistics. Launched on 2 March 2023, this is also a global first in the use of UHF-RFID for the automated precision tracking of goods in processing industries, where goods are stored, moved and delivered in high volumes on tight schedules.


A key challenge in managing goods – which may be additives or ingredients – in the processing industry is the tracking of these resources down to the item level. For typical ‘digital WMS systems’ to work, they still require plenty of human input or handheld scanning to track the physical movements of goods, resulting in data that isn’t real-time or prone to errors.



In Thingple’s quest to drive full digital transformation for the processing industry, the patented hands-free, digital, real-time RFID-EWMS system closes the gap:

  • RFID labels linked to goods information are automatically identified accurately by forklifts equipped with sensors and edge intelligence-enabled RFID readers

  • Goods location is identified and tracked real-time by RFID tags embedded in the ground

  • WMS system captures all goods and location information real-time, and all goods movement is displayed on a central dashboard

  • Intelligent EWMS algorithm offers precise picking and shelfing instructions optimized for FIFO and other warehousing strategies, so operators only need to follow touchscreen instructions on the forklift 

  • Interactive, touch-screen 3D overview provides an instant visual over the entire warehouse, allowing managers to observe real-time loading of the warehouse, and make timely adjustments


Benefits of Thingple’s RFID-EWMS system include:

  • Warehouse issuance, receiving or storage of goods is tracked automatically without any human input

  • No need for paperwork or scanning of barcodes/QR codes

  • Saves time and effort, which reduces manpower requirements without sacrificing accuracy

  • No need to hunt for available warehouse space or searching for goods

  • FIFO and other warehousing strategies are automated by algorithms

  • Instant and precise output of warehouse situational reports, as and when required


With precision goods tracking achieved at the item and pallet level to provide live data supporting accurate, real-time inventory, the launch of Thingple’s RFID-EWMS system at BASF-YPC’s central logistics warehouse is revolutionary. We believe this will lead to many more digital transformation opportunities to come. Our next step will be to integrate autonomous forklifts in the system to achieve fully automated warehousing at BASF-YPC.


Thingple is a digital transformation company based in Shanghai, China, with a focus on industrial gas, manufacturing and chemical industries. With best-in-class RFID and LoRaWAN technology developed for industrial environments, Thingple provides tools for interconnection – the foundational layer for industry 4.0. We believe in developing digital technologies for the highly efficient use of the earth’s resources so that humanity can enjoy longer and healthier lives. Simplify to amplify!

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