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Yanfeng Automotive tracks its fast-paced material and product racks with Thingle FLOW’s RFID-based system 

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Yanfeng Automotive (YFAI) is a global leader in automotive interiors, serving known car brands such as Toyota, GM, Benz, Ford, Volvo and more. Materials, finished and semi-finished vehicle interior parts constantly enter and exit its factory warehouse at an extremely fast pace, as Yanfeng is committed to delivering automotive interior parts to its customers around the world on strict deadlines.


To improve production efficiency, Yanfeng relies on manned forklifts and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) move materials, half-finished & finished products to where they’re needed – whether it’s from storage, to production or to delivery.


With AGVs, Yamfeng maximizes its warehouse space and goods movement efficiency, while dynamically adjusting to the supply of materials in real-time.


However, the call to the AGV is done manually by the operator, who has to check the status and position of the material rack before calling the AGV.


With the implementation of Thingple FLOW’s RIFD system, this process is dramatically simplified, automating the material racking cycle process.


When a parts rack arrives or leaves the workstation, the RFID workstation reader automatically detects the shelf ID, instantly updating the MES or WMS – which then automatically calls the AGV/forklift to pick up the rack. The material and product cycle process is now fully automated.


Thingple FLOW provides workstations and portal readers that detect shelf arrival/departure and upload events.

With Thingple FLOW’s RFID-based real-time materials rack-tracking system, YanFeng benefits in many ways:


• Track, manage and supervise every material/product rack

• Know every rack location and quantity with automatic RFID read points

• Daily operational data can be tracked, providing a solid foundation to track or oversee its business economy/trajectory.

• RFID scan points can be added for scalability

• Real-time RFID notification to its WMS allows time for the AGV to charge - before this had to be done with one-by-one barcode scanning

• Real-time triggering of the WMS helps cycle the stock through racks – before this had to be done manually with barcodes

• RFID batch scanning instantly provides the data of every product on the rack.

• Significant reduction in inventory time

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