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Veolia manages multiple labs, tracks chemical use and enables authorizations through Thingple Wave RFID-CMS

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Veolia is one of Thingple’s many customers. For over 2 years, Veolia has been using Thingple’s WAVE RFID-CMS system, a reliable, unique wireless-based digital system which helps to centralize, track and trace all laboratory activities to ensure compliance and standards.

The system features two digital scales, two RFID readers, handheld RFID scanners and a customized touchscreen minicomputer. An RFID reader confirms the lab technician’s ID, while another one confirms the chemical to be used. The scales will record the weight of the chemical before and after use.

Before a laboratory experiment or test can commence, approvals are required from the lab’s managers or directors. After approval, the lab tech will then obtain the required chemical from a specific cabinet. All cabinets with restricted chemicals are digitally-locked. To obtain the required chemical, the lab tech will request for approval from the manager/director digitally. Once approved, the chemical cabinet’s Bluetooth lock will be unlocked and the chemical can be taken out for use. Upon completion of the experiment or test, the chemical is returned to the cabinet in the same way, so the manager/director knows it has been returned safely to the right place.

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The system’s Bluetooth lock is unique and ensures compliance. It can only be opened with the necessary clearance and approvals from supervisors/directors in the organization. Approvals can be done remotely, saving time and paperwork.

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Thingple’s WAVE RFID-CMS system is installed across all 3 labs in the Veolia headquarters. Since each lab is on a different floor (1F, 2F and 3F), the system helps to centralize the control and supervision of restricted substances and workflow processes. Thingple’s RFID-CMS system has helped Veolia to simplify their operations, regulate their work process and keep all lab activities properly recorded.

Before Thingple’s WAVE RFID-CMS system, the operators had to depend on paperwork to manage the use of controlled chemicals, and it was difficult to gain multiple-supervisor approvals, leading to delays, human errors and lower work efficiency.

Now with the paperless new digital system, the supervision of the lab work across all 3 floors at Veolia’s office building can be instantly managed, approved and tracked. Reports can be instantly generated and use of all controlled chemicals meticulously recorded, supporting EHS (environment, health & safety) requirements and required compliances.

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“The Thingple WAVE RFID CMS uses modern digital methods to help our Shanghai R&D Center improve its chemical management processes, enhance laboratory operational efficiency, strengthen the safety and flexibility of chemical use, and optimize our chemical inventory management costs.”


Tim Huang

Senior Vice President - APAC

Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions

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