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Independent Start-up Rating Agency Early Metrics rates Thingple as among the top 20% of the start-ups worldwide

Jan 2019

Early Metrics, a ratings agency for start-ups and innovative SMEs world-wide, recently rated Thingple as in the top 20% of start-ups worldwide. 

Among the 2000+ start-ups it has rated, Early Metrics gave Thingple high marks for its founder/CEO's strong industry experience, commercial acumen and solid business network. It also commended Thingple for its traction with blue-chip customers, its international strategy and its product maturity.


Early Metrics noted IOT solutions as a fast-growing market, yet very competitive. Compared to other start-ups in this field, Thingple's who-is-who list of top tier customers and clients speak for the competitiveness of Thingple's technology and solutions.

The rating process by Early Metrics covers the project technology, the market the start-up is operating in and the people. 

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