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Phoenix Contact invests in Thingple

August 15 2022

Thingple Inc. announced that it has received strategic investment from Phoenix Contact (China) Investment Co. Ltd.

Thingple provides proprietary products and solutions in the field of Industrial Internet of Things. After multi-years of development of core technology platforms of RFID and LORAWAN, Thingple has launched integrated hardware plus software solutions, e-WMS (Warehouse Management System) and IOT-DAAS (Data as a Service), for processing industries, such as chemical plants, oil and gas facilities, pharmaceuticals and semiconductor fabs. Thingple products and solutions serve chemical and materials giants such as BASF and Suez.

Phoenix Contact is a global technology and market leader in electrification, networking and automation, a core participant and promoter of German Industry 4.0, and a century-old hidden champion. Over the years, it has been rooted in China and serving local industries. It always puts the spirit of innovation into practice, keeps up with changes in market demand, and is driven by "customer needs and industry applications" to provide customers and partners with practical and effective solutions. In close cooperation with customers, Phoenix Contact's Industry Management and Automation business unit develops practical and intelligent solutions for applications in the energy, process industries, infrastructure and factory automation.

This financing accelerates Thingple’s expansion in the processing industry, by helping customers improve operation efficiency, reduce resource consumption, through digitization, informatization and intelligence. Thingple’s products and solutions enhance customer’s core competitiveness and realize ESG goals.

Commenting on this investment, Mr. Jiandang Gu, President of Phoenix Contact (China), said: "Phoenix Contact makes strategic investments in outstanding companies, like Thingple, to form co-value-creation partnerships, and jointly shape the new digital industrial and industrial Internet ecosystem in China. Phoenix Contact's Industry Management and Automation Solutions helps customers manage manufacturing, Thingple's RFID and LORA-based solutions help customers manage materials, environments and discrete equipment. The combination of the two will provide customers in the process industry a more holistic “digital twin” experience”.

Dr. Min Zhou, Chairwoman of Thinple Inc., said: "Phoenix Contact is a respected German hidden champion, and its culture of “doing small things well, paying attention to details, and playing a supportive role” explains very well the essence of industrial digitization, informatization and intelligence. All technical means are to assist customers to grasp the details of production, logistics and field data in a comprehensive and timely manner, and to enable intelligent decision making. We thank Phoenix Contact for their strategic investment and look forward to working with Phoenix Contact and other partners in the Phoenix Contact ecosystem to create the future of Digital Industrial together!”



Thingple Inc. Chairwoman Dr. Min Zhou meets with Phoenix Contact (China) President Mr. Jiandang Gu July 2021

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