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Thingple is a portmanteau of “Thing” and “Simple”. The word represents our aspiration for IOT - Everything, everywhere, simply connected.

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Thingple Technologies and Beijing Tianhai Industry jointly launch RFID-enabled smart gas cylinders

Dec 26 2018
Thingple Technologies Inc. and Beijing Tianhai Industry Co.,Ltd., a leading enterprise in China's gas cylinder manufacturing industry, have jointly launched a new generation of RFID-enabled smart gas cylinder products after formally establishing a comprehensive strategic partnership.
For a long time, the gas industry lacks effective technology to track and manage gas cylinders, leading to serious asset loss, backward production and distribution system, confusion of property rights subjects, safety risks of overdue mixed packaging and other prominent problems in the industry. At the same time, lean production and management are needed to improve customer satisfaction and economic benefits after the high-speed expansion period of the gas industry.

Smart Gas Cylinders have built-in RFID-enabled tag and adopted integrated design of cylinder body and tag, with the features of anti-counterfeiting, anti-collision, and unique identification. The RFID-enabled smart cylinders, matched with fixed and handheld readers, allow customers to accurately and effortlessly track cylinders thorough its lifetime, and maximum return on asset thorough advanced data analytics.


Continuing Tianhai’s tradition of manufacturing excellence and commitment to highest quality standards, the smart cylinders are manufactured by first-class processing equipment and advanced processes,with a variety of specifications to meet the needs of different customers. The built-in UHF-RFID tag developed by Thingple have world-class performance in fast data-rate communication, long distance reading, durability and reliability. Tags for CN、EU、USA standards are available.


Click here for the product description. Customers can order Thingple RFID-enabled industrial gas cylinders as well as basic handheld readers directly from Tianhai industry Co. Ltd.