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Thingple ships high-performance RFID tags and readers for Universal Racks for major European  auto interior manufacturer

May 22 2020

Racks play an essential and critical role in auto manufacturing. Racks carry parts between plants, and to each manufacturing station within the plant. Entering an auto manufacturing plant, forklifts buzzing around constantly carrying racks, boxes, and bins of parts to stations, any delay would cause missed production, down-time, and mess up a fully-lined-up schedule. 

Tagging these racks and other assets have significant benefits in the automotive industry, some of the clearest benefits include:

  • Faster inventory: With Thingple's high-performance anti-metal tags, the tags can be read more than 7 meters away, making an inventory of racks a breeze. 

  • Shipping tracking and wrong shipping prevention: Combing RFID tags and Thingple's door portal, wrong racks, or racks loaded in the wrong sequence can be stopped before getting out of the door.

  • Add que to AGV route planning: One of the biggest challenges in AGV deployment in a factory is, in fact, the AGV navigation planning system doesn't know where each rack is at and what's the state of the rack, to know when AGV needs to be sent well to pick and move the racks. By equipment racks with RFID tags and placing readers at well-designed stations, the AGV gets data on what rack is where and at what state, so that AGV can be sent to the right location to pick up the right rack just on-time. 

  • Loss prevention: With RFID tracking of the racks, disputes often arise between plants as to whether a rack was in fact shipped to one plant from another. Often times, the disputes don't get resolved and new racks need to be ordered when in fact no-one knows where the racks are. 

  • Theft prevention: No manager wants to think about it, but internal shrink is also a real problem, theft seldom happens with racks in the auto industry as these are bulky, but small and expensive items like electronics do get stolen. Tagging these assets, installing readers, and deploy machine learning can prevent and catch theft when it happens.

Thingple's high-performance anti-metal RFID tags are specifically designed for metal racks common in automotive plants, combined with Thingple's handheld reader, door portal reader, and floor-reader, the racks can be tracked at all important locations that need to be tracked. 





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