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G-Series: Asset Monitoring

TPL - GRD001: 4 - Port RFID Reader

  • Offers high reliability and consistent read range

  • Ability to withstand extreme environments - water & dust-proof design with additional lightning protection system

  • Powered by PoE

  • Easy installation

TPL - GAT002: UHF RFID Antenna

  • Highly integrated by reader, antenna, Bluetooth.Wi-Fi/2G/3G/LTE modules

  • Reliable and functional design

  • Ability to withstand an extreme environment

  • Applicable to a forklift, production line 


TPL - GHD005: Dual Frequency Hand-Held Reader

  • Supports HF/UHF RFID signal and barcode scanning

  • Durable and hard-wearing

  • Suitable for managing industrial equipment, logistics, asset tracking, etc

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TPL - GMD006: Smart Module

  • Offers high performance with 3+1 antenna ports 

  • The integrated near field antenna simplifies integration work and allows for maximum performance within the module dimensions

  • Custom application MCU - the CAM is an integrated micro-controller loaded with your own application (32KB Flash - 2KB SRAM - 8KB FRAM)

  • Designed with flexible and modular architecture - standard or Piggyback mounting and operation ready with Thingple antenna switches and interfaces

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