Our Name

Thingple is a portmanteau of “Thing” and “Simple”. The word represents our aspiration for IOT - Everything, everywhere, simply connected.

Our Vision
To become a world-class IOT solution provider for industrial, communities and consumer devices

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Simply connecting everything

Thingple Inc. was founded to focus on industrial Internet-of-Things, with a belief that the intersection of IOT and Industrial is the core of Industry 4.0. Thingple Inc. has developed a series of proprietary UHF-RFID hardware, including tags, readers, antennas for asset management. In addition, Thingple has developed high performance LORAWAN router and a suite of industrial sensors for sensing and monitoring. Thingple products have leading-edge performance that is specifically designed for high-metal, high-complexity industrial environment. Thingple's state-of-art automated manufacturing line ensures consistency and quality of Thingple products. Thingple has also developed cloud-based APPs for the industries we address.

Industries We Address

Digital transformation of industries, factories and communities

Package Gases &
Beer Logistics

Welcome to

The Simply Connected World of "Internet of Things"

Our Innovative Technology

Industry 4.0 built on Robust Interconnection

The design principles in Industry 4.0 starts with "Interconnection" - 

 "the ability of machines, devices, sensors, and people to connect and communicate with each other via the Internet of Things (IoT)".

At Thingple, we focus on the most efficient and most reliable "interconnection" with two classes of technologies optimized for industrial environment:

RFID + Readers for assets tracking and management and

Sensors + LORAWAN for environment and equipment monitoring.

Our hardware has patent-pending proprietary design to ensure high performance in high-metal environment.

The robust interconnection, together with our edge analytics software and powerful multi-platform SAAS application, then allows

"Information Transparency", the second design principle of Industry 4.0 "

 "Interconnectivity allows operators to collect immense amounts of data and information from all points in the manufacturing process,

thus aiding functionality and identifying key areas that can benefit from innovation and improvement"


In our targeted industries, we also work with our clients to understand the operation decisions and logic in their industries, so that we can build

"Technical Assistance" and "Decentralized Decisions" into our solutions, the two higher level design principles of Industry 4.0.

In particular, we have built suite of solutions for industrial gases, chemical, heavy manufacturing industries,

working with world leaders in these industries that include GE, Suez, Air Liquide etc.

“Thingple's cable and tool management solution is used in our factory everyday. It has reduced the amount of time workers spend looking for tools by 50%, and significantly improved safety and

operation efficiency” 

—  General Manager, GE Power Hangzhou Factory


News And Updates

Thingple implements  crate digitization solution at Yanfeng Automotive Interior

August 26 2019

Thingple rated among top 20% of start-ups by independent rating agency Early Metrics

Jan 27 2019

Thingple LORAWAN-based smart community firs-safety solution keeps residents safer

Dec 26 2018

Thingple enters strategic cooperation with Alizent Asset Interactive for beerkeg tracking

Dec 10 2018

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